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B2T Engine To calculate Book-to-Tax (B2T) adjustments ... and corporate income taxes: with built-in rates and rules of GAAPs/tax laws. [α]
Step 1: Perhaps easiest to start with an example B2T input file below. Please email if any questions. Select input file (.xlsx/m),
Step 2: Submit for free trial.

For Windows, an .xlsm B2T input file has easy button on first sheet: it can submit the file itself directly to B2T Engine in the cloud.
( ...or, Subscribe Web API, on AWS Marketplace,
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Step 3: After processing, a link to the resulting output file will be shown. (...after copies of input sheets, from "OutputSummary" sheet and on.) Download results (.xlsx/m) -
Example input files:
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* If desired, modify with your info
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#ofE Number of entities in example
#ofJ Number of jurisdictions in example
Items of Interest Notes
SingleBasic.xlsm 1 1
  • Account mapping to STSC (Standard Tax Sensitized Chart)
  • Trial balances input
  • Book-to-tax adjustment calculation
  • ...also tax expense calculation
The hello-world example.
No need to specify tax rates or rules of GAAPs/tax regulations - the Engine has them.
Common reports on current/deferred tax calculation, rate reconciliation
MultiNationalCorpBasic.xlsm 3 4
  • Inter-jurisdiction tax benefits ...apportionment rates
  • Currency translation
  • Tax effects of outside basis differences
  • ... and eliminations
E.g., state taxes deductible for federal tax purposes. Account level FX rates specifiable. Tax consolidations for MNCs
UserOverrideBasic.xlsm 1 3
  • Override tax rates in the Engine
  • Override B2T adjustment formulas in the Engine
E.g., non-standard tax rates for a country, an entity, an account, current/deferred, ... Non-standard formula for an account instead of letting the Engine to decide.
Why only our B2T Engine achieved full automation?
Because only we can perform book-to-tax adjustments automatically.

Other tax provision/calculation products cannot perform the key step of book-to-tax adjustments automatically, and thus cannot perform the whole tax calculation in a fully automated way. They generally would require users to input the adjustment values, or to set up some adjustment formulas, before the calculation can proceed. By contrast, our B2T Engine contains the relevant rates-and-rules of accounting and tax, which have been digitized to be interpreted by the software to perform the adjustments automatically. User interactions are no longer necessary, except for overriding the Engine’s logic.

The breakthrough design is inspired by the principles of the Gao’s Method of Book-Tax Difference Analysis , which perhaps is the most suitable for the software realization of book-to-tax adjustments. The methodology is the brainchild of Professor Gao Jinping , of China National Tax Institute of STA , who first applied it to China GAAP and tax regulations. It is equally applicable to other countries, including the USA.